Rice Dream Rice Drink, Original

Rice Dream Rice Drink, Original image
Rice Dream Rice Drink, Original
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Dietary Considerations: Gluten Free, Kosher

Enriched. With vitamins A, D & B12. Rich in calcium. Low fat. Lactose free. Natural. Gluten free. Rise to the occasion with rice. First thing in the morning, there's nothing like the great taste of your favorite cereal splashed with Rice Dream. As a matter of fact, it's deliciously mild, refreshing taste adds an extra something to recipes, coffee and homemade smoothies anytime. No wonder rice is a dietary staple for much of the world's population; it's tasty, nutrition and versatile - just like Rice Dream! A non-dairy dream come true. Enjoy a lactose and dairy free lifestyle that includes delicious, satisfying premium Rice Dream. Gentle on the system and easily digested, it has all the essential calcium, vitamins A, D and B12. Its light, refreshing flavor makes it a great alternative for your favorite beverage or in your favorite recipes! Low in Fat: Rice Dream is 99% fat free and is a cholesterol free food. Lactose and Soy Free: Rice Dream contains neither dairy nor soy, making it a great choice for vegans and those with dietary restrictions. Complete Nutrition: Rice Dream is enriched with calcium, vitamins A, D & B12. No added sweeteners. Go with the Grain: Rice is loved all over the world. In Asia, rice is considered sacred. Each year, over 500 million metric tons of rice are harvested worldwide on every continent except Antarctica. Rice doesn't just make a great beverage. Rice fields provide thousands of acres of wetland environment, so it's not only good for you, it's good for the earth as well. Dream for a Better Planet: Brown Rice Rice Dream uses only the finest brown rice. Feed The Planet Rice can be indefinitely cropped in irrigated fields. Some rice fields have been continuously cultivated for over 2,000 years.