Fage Yogurt, Greek Strained

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Fage Yogurt, Greek Strained
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17.6 oz (500 g)

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Dietary Considerations: Fat Free, Gluten Free

All natural. Grade A. Pronounced: Fa-yeh! Fage Total 2% Greek Strained Yogurt Benefits: Fage Total Greek Strained Yogurt is 100% natural. It to produced from animals that are not fed by any chemicals, hormones or antibiotic substances. It is an excellent calcium, protein rich food for vegetarians and pregnant women. It contains live active cultures (S. Thermophilus and L. Bulgaricus), which remain active until the expiration data and offer positive health benefits. Our gluten-free Fage Total 2% Greek Strained Yogurt will not separate over high heat, thus allowing creative cooks to incorporate the lush, tangy flavor of authentic Greek yogurt to a wide range of savory and sweet recipes. Fage Total 2% Greek Strained Yogurt, with only 2% fat, is perfect for those who went to stay fit and lead a healthy life-style.