Air Wick Automatic Sprayer

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Air Wick Automatic Sprayer
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Gadget only, refill not included. Designed only for Air Wick Refills (Designed by Reckitt Benckiser). Fragrance that fills the entire room. Choose your favorite fragrance. Slim design. Only use Air Wick Refills. Choose your favorite fragrance from Air Wick Freshmatic (sold separately). Freshmatic tells you when your refill is empty. With Air Wick Freshmatic you can enjoy fragrance that fills the entire room. Air Wick Freshmatic automatically releases a fine mist of fresh fragrance that spreads throughout the entire room. Since the fragrance is released on a regular timed interval, you will enjoy fresh waves of your favorite fragrance throughout the day. With 3 fragrance settings, you can pick the fragrance level that is right for you. AirWick Freshmatic Automatic Sprayer: 3 fragrance intensity settings; replaceable fragrances (sold separately; 2 batteries included. Device made in China. Packaged in USA.