Hylands Earache Drops

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Hylands Earache Drops
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0.33 fl oz (10 ml)

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Misc: Homeopathic. 100% natural. Relieves ear pain fast. Calms & soothes earaches due to: cold & flu; swimmer's ear; allergy. Since 1903. Hyland's Earache Drops may be used to relieve earache symptoms that accompany colds, flu, and allergies, as well as to soothe itchiness and ear pain associated with swimmer's ear. Hyland's Earache Drops have no known interactions with antibiotics or other medications and are safe to use for adults and children 2 years and up. Hyland's Earache Drops relieve symptoms of: throbbing pain; itching; irritability. www.hylandsearache.com. Please recycle. Made in USA.