Newman's Own Virgin Limeade

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Newman's Own Virgin Limeade
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64 fl oz (.5 gl) 1.89 lt

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Limeade Old fashioned roadside. All natural ingredients. Contains 15% real lime juice. Made with tart virgin limes. Legend: My mother said I would end up a limp lime like the rest of the family - a bottle baby just mixed with vodka and nothing better in sight, Green with envy, lookin' at all those virgin yellow lemons going into Newman's Own Virgin Lemonade and straight from there to something good like charity. Even a lime never been squeezed before is still green, but I squeezed myself next to ol' PL Newmanure while he was snoozin' and whispered in his ear, It's the environment dummy! He woke, took a breath and shouted Let's hear it for The Green Party Candidate - so we moves straight into the lime light which is why all my relatives is now in The Limeade Business.