Birds Eye Fresh Frozen Vegetables & Sauce

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Birds Eye Fresh Frozen Vegetables & Sauce
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9 oz (255 g)

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Fresh Frozen Vegetables & Sauce, Sweet Corn & Butter Sauce Yellow corn in a lightly seasoned sauce. Delicious side dish. A classic recipe. Sweet Corn & Butter Sauce: Close your eyes and smell summer! Remember those late august days when you were a kid, the sun was scorching and the beach was calling? Remember the sound of corn being husked, corn so fresh and sweet and juicy that you wanted to eat it on the spot with a little melted butter. That's the taste of the sweet corn our Birds Eye Foods farmers grow. The moment it reaches perfect ripeness they harvest it and flash freeze the kernels to seal in the freshness. For the farmers of Birds Eye Foods, nothing matters more than our promise to you: Market fresh taste. It's in everything we make. Birds Eye Vegetables and Sauce come in a convenient, single-use, microwavable tray. Just heat and serve.