Dr Scholls Insoles, Work, Men's Sizes 8-13

Dr Scholls Insoles, Work, Men's Sizes 8-13 image
Dr Scholls Insoles, Work, Men's Sizes 8-13
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Ideal for hard working feet. All-day comfort on hard surfaces - guaranteed. Tough enough for men who work on their feet. Superior cushioning that lasts. You have hard working feet. You want all-day comfort guaranteed-even on hard surfaces. You need - Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Work Insoles. Superior Shock Absorption: Massaging gel waves act like tiny springs to cushion feet all day long. All-Day Cushioning and Comfort: Unique design cushions all day long. Cooling vents designed to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable. Great Support for Arch: Firm columns provide contoured support to over-worked arch area. Work boots/shoes. Casual shoes. Sneakers. Made in China.