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Look no further for crisp, ripe and delicious fruits and vegetables.

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Produce Picking Hacks

Experts share how to pick better produce.

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Peachy Keen Peach Tips

Learn how to choose, cook and enjoy the best peaches each peach season.

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Organic Produce

Love organic produce? So do we! That’s why we carry only the best locally grown produce around.

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Local Vendors

How do we know our produce is the freshest, highest quality around? We go straight to the source by visiting local vendors whenever possible!

Nature Fresh Farms

Learn how a family-owned farm brings fresh and sustainable tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers to your family, year-round.

Salads & Microgreens

Eating healthy has never been easier with our amazing collection of ready-to-eat salads and microgreens.

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Strawberry Farms Interview

We visited our three largest strawberry suppliers to discover what makes their jobs so sweet.

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Chambersburg Peach Farm

Find out why Chambersburg peaches are a Pennsylvania favorite, plus our peach prep picks!

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At Giant Eagle, we hand-select our produce to provide you with the finest and widest variety of fresh, high-quality fruits and field-fresh vegetables every time you visit.

We work to provide produce grown using Good Agricultural Practices to ensure food safety, freshness and the highest quality for our customers. Our quality standards are higher than other retailers — we will turn down produce that does not meet our standards of sizing, quality or freshness.