Keep your hound happy with these dog-friendly recipes, plus tips & tricks.

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National Dog Day dog-friendly recipes

The Dog Days Are Far From Over

National Dog Day is August 26th and National Dog Week is only a month later, so there’s no better time to spoil your spaniel, pamper your pug, indulge your Irish setter, or baby your basset hound! Keep reading for easy dog food recipes, and fun tips and tricks to help make every day the best for your beloved pet.

DIY Dog Food
You should feed your dog healthy, hearty meals every day, but on special occasions or any time they’ve been an especially good boy or girl, mix it up by treating them to something you’d do for any other loved one; cook them a delicious, homemade meal you can enjoy together. In general, dogs can eat a lot of things humans can eat with some exceptions — yes to peanut butter, no to chocolate for example — but sticking to a ratio of 50 percent protein to 25 percent veggies to 25 percent grains is the easiest way to prepare a meal your dog — and you — will love.

Below are some recipes that just need a few minor adjustments — like removing cooked bones, seasoning and onions — for you to eat with your four-legged friend. These recipes should not be replacements for their everyday veterinarian approved dog food, but are a perfect once-in-a-while treat.

Chicken Breast BLT

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Roasted Pork Loin

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Our Best Recipes for Your Best Friend
Sharing meals with your dog is fun for both of you, but when you want to reward them throughout the day for being obedient, doing tricks or just because, you can also make a few of our favorite homemade dog treats — not that we’ve tried them or anything.

Bacon Dog Treats

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Peanut Butter Bites

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Carrot Oat Balls

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Doggie Dinners Delivered
If you don’t have the time to cook, treat your pet by surprising them with new dog food from our amazing selection.

Good Doggie Deeds
Even if you don’t have a dog, volunteering at a local shelter is a great way to get in some puppy playtime and help out dogs that are still waiting for their forever home. If your dog is a rescue, visit the place they were sheltered and see if you can donate supplies or visit with your pooch. If the shelter allows it, you can even set up a playdate or two for your pup to make some pals. If you’re able to take the extra step, fostering dogs is a great way to help out your local shelter and make sure even more dogs are placed with the right families.

Play Time
Give your dog a day to make the rules. If they want to play, take them out to their favorite park and throw around their favorite toy. If they want to eat, pick up their favorite treats and let them indulge for once. If they just want to nap, buy them the nicest, fluffiest bed, turn the radio to their favorite station — you might have to guess this one — and let them relax. And of course, make sure you take plenty of photos so you can remember National Dog Day, National Dog Week or any day with your dog for years to come.

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