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Fulfill your surf and turf needs with our fresh selection of farm raised, wild caught cuts and more.

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Skilled butchers and fishmongers select the best for you and your family.

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The Certified Angus Beef® brand

Learn what makes Market District Certified Angus Beef® so good and how to cook the perfect cut.

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Ham Cooking Tips & Tricks

Ham Tips & Tricks

Baked ham is a holiday classic or a hearty meal you can enjoy at any time of year. Even better, cooking it to perfection is easy. Follow a handful of simple steps and you’ll have a complete handle on ham.

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Seasoned salmon on a cutting board


Responsible, sustainable fishing practices that promote the long-term health and biodiversity of our planet's oceans and waterways are a top concern at Giant Eagle, as they are for many of our customers.

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Our butchers take pride in offering you a selection of meat for your grilling, braising and broiling pleasure. Our beef is ground fresh in-store daily and 100% free of added ingredients, hand-selected and perfectly packaged for optimum quality and superior flavor!

You’ll find an impressive selection of versatile meats like chicken, pork and turkey that work well in most meaty meals.

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Beer and Meat Pairings

Beer & Meat Pairings

Check out our expert suggestions on how to complement any meat with the perfect cold one.

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Marinade Recipes

Master the Art of Marinating

Simply soaking your meat in these easy-to-make mixtures will create a world of flavor. Try these quick pork, beef or chicken marinade recipes we’ve curated from different cultures.

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Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

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Keto Steak with Loaded Cauliflower

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Classic Smashed Burger

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