The Many Uses
of Mayo

From baking to cleaning, see why mayo is more than just a condiment.

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Ingredients in mayonnaise

Let’s Count the Ways to Use Mayonnaise

Some of the best summer foods are made with mayo. Is a picnic or cookout really complete without the likes of potato salad or cole slaw? The list of ingredients in mayonnaise might be short—egg yolks, oil, lemon juice or vinegar—but each one plays a part in enhancing a wide variety of other foods, and even helping around the house. You can’t go wrong with making chicken or macaroni salad or spreading it on sandwiches, but there are many more ways to use mayonnaise

Chocolate Cake with Mayonnaise
A cup of mayo is the secret to an incredibly rich and moist chocolate cake. Each of mayo’s ingredients has a role in this simple baking trick: the eggs add moisture, the oil creates tender texture, and the acidity of the vinegar or lemon juice brings out the chocolate flavor.

The Trick to Better Grilled Cheese
Instead of buttering your bread, use mayo. Slather it on the outside of your slices to create extra crispiness.

Baking Chicken with Mayonnaise
Similar to its effect on cake, mayo can make your chicken moister for the same reasons. It also helps breadcrumbs stick. Just coat the chicken with mayo, then dip it in the breadcrumbs for a quick and clean solution to the old egg-and-flour method. You’ll end up with perfectly breaded chicken that’s perfectly juicy, too.

Another Plus for Poultry
Imagine the look on your family’s faces when you serve an immaculately golden-brown turkey on Thanksgiving. The trick? Rub a little mayo on the outside of your bird before baking.

Fishing for Deliciousness
Mayo can also prevent fish from sticking to your grill. Unlike oil, it firmly adheres instead of dripping off. Apply a thin coat next time you cook out. And don’t worry about the taste. The mayo flavor isn’t even noticeable when you’re done.

Fry Not Give It a Try
Do what the Dutch do and dip your fries in mayo. It may seem unusual, but the pairing is really meant to be. The creaminess of the mayo is an ideal complement to the saltiness and crispy texture of the fries.

Cleaning Tips
Believe it or not, mayo is a handy around the house, too. Because oil is one of its ingredients, you can remove stickers, clean crayon off painted walls, and even remove water stains from wood. Just dab a little on and wait for a few minutes before wiping it clean.

Hellman’s mayonnaise

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