Single Serve Brew Cups

Crafted with 100% Arabica beans for great taste in every cup.

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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Bold and bright? Smooth and mellow? Light, medium or dark? Any answer is alright with us. We have so many flavors of pods for your single serve coffee maker, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect cup right here, every time.

Every flavor is crafted with care as our buyers work directly with roastmasters and farmers to develop custom blends and single-origin coffees that meet our exacting specifications — and, more importantly, yours!

Try our newest flavors today or enjoy our classic Giant Eagle and Market District varieties. You’ll always get national brand quality at a low price.

Giant Eagle Flavors:

New! Giant Eagle single Serve Brew Cups

NEW! Caramel Macchiato
So sweet and smooth you’ll swear you’ve stepped into a high-end coffee shop.

NEW! Raspberry
Fruity notes will leave you singing its praises.

NEW! Half Caffeinated
Premium coffee without too much kick.

Giant Eagle coffee

Donut Shop
A classic coffee blend – mild, smooth and sure to satisfy with every sip.

Morning Blend
Start the day off right with this perfectly balanced, perfectly smooth aromatic coffee.

Special Dark
Rich and bold, but velvety smooth.

Market District Flavors:

Market District coffeesBreakfast Blend
Bright and aromatic, this light-bodied blend has hints of citrus, nuts and caramel.

Signature Market District 1931 Roast
This robust roast was developed in celebration of the five families who came together to form Giant Eagle in 1931, a blend from the different growing regions whose unique personalities combine for a truly special cup.

Bold Italian
Full-bodied in the best Italian way, this coffee is rich with an earthy sip.

More varieties are available. And, we’re searching great new ways to satisfy all the time. Find your favorite flavor today!