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Our 15 flavorful varieties have a taste and a price you’ll love.

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New and Delicious Ways to Start Everyone’s Day

A great bowl of cereal is a crucial part of your morning routine. As you rush to get yourself and your kids ready, we know the speed and convenience provided by those crispy, toasty spoonfuls of goodness splashed with cold milk is something you rely on.

Now, thanks to our 15 new varieties, you can add unbeatable value to the list of breakfast cereal benefits. You and your whole family will love the sweetness and crunch of classic flavors you can compare to national brands, and you’ll love the low prices even more.

We’ve also drawn up fun activities for kids, so they can hang out with our Cereal Buddies and start their day with a smile. What’s more valuable than that?

Flavors Kids Will Love

Cinnamon Toast Squares

Made with real cinnamon — we don’t monkey around with taste!

Marshmallow Treasures

50% whole grain. We don’t bury the goodness!

Crispy Rice

Contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals — and, it’s gluten free.

Fruity Hoops

Natural fruit flavors they’ll jump through hoops for.

Golden Honey Puffed Wheat

Start the day with the sweetness of puffed wheat.

Apple Crunch

Naturally flavored with real cinnamon to jump start your day.

Frosted Flakes

No artificial flavors or colors.

Enjoy Breakfast with Cereal Buddies

The only thing more fun than eating these classic kids’ cereals is coloring and playing games on our activity sheet. Go ahead, let them go wild!

Goodness for the Whole Family

Bran Flakes

Excellent source of dietary fiber. It’s our own bran of goodness!

Raisin Bran

Another excellent source of dietary fiber. We’re raisin the bar on taste.

Toasted Oats

Heart healthy! Now that’s something to love.

Honey Nut Toasted Oats

Made with real honey. You won’t bee disappointed.

Honey & Oat Clusters

Six essential vitamins and minerals clustered with goodness and deliciousness.

Frosted Shredded Wheat

48g of whole grain per serving! Sweet!

Shredded Wheat

A true classic full of true goodness.

Corn Flakes

Seven essential vitamins and minerals. Not to be corny, but it’s delicious.

Cereal Recipes

Think outside the cereal box with fun recipes featuring Giant Eagle cereal.