New Year, New Foods

Is potato milk the new oat milk?

Food Trends in 2021

While 2021 was the year of the “flexitarian” 2022 may be the year of experimentation and nostalgic eating. Refreshing and revitalizing foods like chicken and milk from our childhoods and making them not only more delicious, but more attractive in picture on social media could create a whole new wave in foodie culture. Keep reading for our picks for top trendy foods in 2022.

Meat Alternatives
Meat alternatives like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat products have been at the forefront of the plant-based protein world for years. Recently, with the increase in “flexitarian diets” and environmentally conscious eating, these meatless meals are only gaining more traction. In 2022 many people will likely be looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing flavorful meals and these new, meatless options could be the answer they’ve been waiting for.

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Potato Milk
While oat milk and almond milk aren’t going anywhere, a new milk made from potatoes and low in sugar and saturated fat may become 2022’s new favorite. Available in three varieties for coffee, cereal and an unsweetened version, potatoes are now even more versatile than ever.

One of the 5 basic tastes, umami—characterized as a pleasant, savory taste—is quickly becoming more well known in the culinary world. Don’t be surprised if umami flavors begin to dominate in 2022 with new, umami dishes popping up in restaurants and food blogs everywhere.

Nashville Hot Chicken
With many embracing and indulging in foods with a flavor-packed punch, spicy foods are quickly growing in popularity. Being able to not only withstand, but enjoy, the spiciest of foods seems to be a badge of honor especially when it comes to hot—or spicy—chicken. The classic deliciousness of fried chicken paired with a rich coating of herbs and spicy spices will be the perfect blend of past and present in 2022.

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