Give Thanks for Sensational Settings

Make your Thanksgiving meal even more memorable with unique accents & decorations.

A Cornucopia of Fall Flair

It’s Thanksgiving day; the turkey is in the oven, the green beans have been casseroled and you’re slowly coaxing the cranberry sauce out of its can in an effort to maintain its ridged gelatin shape. Dinner will surely be a sight to behold, but what about your table? Make your Thanksgiving settings match the majesty of this special holiday meal with just a few simple tips and tricks.

Autumn Flowers
Another great option to upgrade your Thanksgiving dinner spread are some classic fall flowers and thanksgiving bouquets! Rosemary and lavender are a beautiful and aromatic option to brighten up your decorations around the dinner table, hearth and window sills. If you want to go more strictly in the way of flowers, try a nice bouquet of orange roses, yellow lilies and burgundy mums. Each bouquet can be a different collection of in-season blooms that add a pop of color wherever needed. You can even create enough so that each guest can have one to take home at the end of the night as a Thanksgiving gift.

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Gorgeous Gourds
Nothing says “fall is here and we’re ready to celebrate” more than an assorted collection of pumpkins and gourds. Pick them up in different shapes, colors and styles, and group them as centerpieces and decorations around your dining room table. Small pumpkins with names written directly on them—or as holders for name tags—make perfect place cards for more formal, seated dinners. Set up a station with glitter and paint—or less-messy stickers—for the kids to decorate their own place card pumpkins as a fun activity that can also serve as extra decor all season!

Give Thanks & Get Thanks
Give your guests a simple way to share what they are thankful for this year by leaving a blank note card and pen on their place setting. At the end of the night, you and your guests can share what you wrote or keep them private. Starting this tradition is an easy way to be reminded of what Thanksgiving is all about—giving thanks, being with loved ones and eating delicious food!

The Kids' Table
Besides a pumpkin decoration station, there are tons of ways to integrate the kids’ table into your Thanksgiving decor. Seasonal art projects—like the classic hand-traced turkey—can easily transition from kiddy to classy by adding an inexpensive frame or craft-store easel backing. For a more subtle transition from kids’ table to adult, simply brighten up the accent colors on your children’s table—bright reds and oranges instead of more muted fall colors. This slight adjustment is instantly more kid-friendly and still can match the theme of your meal.

When you’re thinking about spicing things up for your Thanksgiving celebrations this year, or just wondering how to decorate for Thanksgiving, it’s important to consider just what kind of Thanksgiving centerpieces you’re going to include with your spread. If you’re looking to keep it classic with your Thanksgiving decor, you can go with a tried and true Thanksgiving cornucopia. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can include unusually shaped gourds and small pumpkins to line the dinner table this year. Either way, a little decoration goes a long way.

Thankfully, Thanksgiving decorations are a lot easier than Halloween or Christmas. Throw together some soft yellows and oranges to create a fall atmosphere, combined with similar colored pumpkins, gourds, and yellow leaves.

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