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All you need are a couple bottles of champagne or sparkling wine, an assortment of juices and your best friends for a mimosa bar worthy of any celebration.

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Classic Breakfasts
Just because it’s Thanksgiving it doesn’t mean you have to forget about your favorite maple breakfast foods! Give everything a fall twist with some pumpkin pancakes — remember pumpkin spice and orange and yellow food dye is always your friend. You can incorporate practically any Thanksgiving baked good into your family breakfasts. Try out pumpkin scones with your pumpkin pancakes, or a nice side of pumpkin bread to go with your eggs, bacon and pumpkin pancakes.

As always, we want you to feel safe and prepared this Thanksgiving with our convenient and contactless Curbside Pickup and Delivery. Our expert personal shoppers will gather your Thanksgiving recipe groceries and ingredients, shopping fresh and delicious Thanksgiving groceries so you don’t have to. Simply shop your order online, select your local Giant Eagle, and we take care of the rest.

Baked Goods
Thanksgiving baked goods are the perfect opportunity to go completely pumpkin-crazy. Start out with some homemade or home-ready pumpkin scones and pumpkin bread. If that’s not enough, you can work pumpkin spice baked goods into any of your holiday meals—for breakfast try making pumpkin spiced lattes, for lunch a little pumpkin bread on the side. For dinner and dessert, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin purees, pumpkin pie, the skies the limit!

We want to make things easier this Thanksgiving season, which is why it’s important to remember you can always take advantage of our safe and convenient Curbside Pickup and Delivery stores. Order your entire Turkey-day meal ingredients for free contactless pickup or delivery, simply choose your store and pickup time, then add your desired items to your cart. Our expertly trained personal shoppers will select fresh and quality groceries, saving you time this holiday season.

Morning Cocktails
At the adults table, Thanksgiving drinks, or as some call them fall cocktails and autumn drinks, are a very important part of Thanksgiving breakfast, dinner and the Thanksgiving holiday time as a whole. At Giant Eagle, we have plenty of fun and unique Thanksgiving breakfast cocktails, mocktails, and cider for you this Thanksgiving. Kick-off Thanksgiving morning with a Bellini recipe, or if that’s not your style try out some easy apple cider mimosas. As the day progresses you can get creative with a pecan pie martini or pumpkin spice mules. If you’re trying to stay on the Mocktail route, you can follow the same steps to make a cranberry or apple Moscow mule, and just skip the booze!

Remember, if you’re taking advantage of our safe and easy Curbside Pickup and Delivery, the minimum purchase amount is $35. Unlike other Curbside Pickup and Delivery services, prices are the same as in-store, with no additional markups or fees. This way you can ensure your Thanksgiving shopping list is taken care of, so you can have more family time making sweet treats, hearty meals and delicious morning cocktails.
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