Ways to Celebrate
the Kentucky Derby

Don’t miss out on the Kentucky Derby! Host a themed party at your home with the help of Giant Eagle.

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Kentucky Derby Food and Drinks

Tips for a Fun-Filled Derby Day

Let the race begin! Join Giant Eagle in celebrating the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 1! This “Run for the Roses” is the oldest continuously running sports event in the nation. While celebrating southern culture and Americana, the Kentucky Derby is rich with tradition, style and class. The first Kentucky Derby was on May 17, 1875 and is still recognized today as “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” Enjoy these activities and recipes with your family and friends during this year’s race!

Traditions make up the Kentucky Derby and enhance the overall experience. Here are ways you can recreate some of the main traditions in your home with your family and friends!

Flowers of the Kentucky Derby: The red rose is the official flower of the Kentucky Derby. A garland of more than 400 roses is given to the winning duo as a symbol of victory! Check out Giant Eagle’s Floral Department today to fill your home with classic Derby decorations!

Hats for the Kentucky Derby: Large, over-the-top headwear is a staple item among women at the Kentucky Derby. Hats were originally worn to the event to signify that it was a high-class event. Now, hats are a statement piece and an object of conversation. To make this tradition kid-friendly, turn hat making into a fun craft! Have them decorate a hat with colorful materials like glitter, paint, pom-poms, and paper. Once dry, hold a parade of hats to show off their creativity!

Mixed Drinks: The Mint Julep has been a traditional beverage at the Kentucky Derby for almost a century! Originating in the South, the Mint Julep is a refreshing blend of bourbon, sugar and mint on ice. During the horse race in 2019, 1,000 pounds of fresh mint, 60,000 pounds of ice, and 10,000 bottles of Old Forester bourbon was consumed. Try our recipes for Mint Julep and Bourbon Cherry Smash mixed drinks, featuring your favorite bourbon, at your Kentucky Derby party!

Food: Try some of these tasty recipes that represent the Kentucky Derby’s southern roots! They are sure to be front runners at your party and future meal plans!

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Kentucky Burgoo

Instant Pot® - for a crowd

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Mini Hot Browns

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Nashville Hot Chicken Skewers

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Mint Julep

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Raspberry Lily Cocktail

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Derby Bars

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