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Healthier Eating in the New Year

Cook Better & Feel Better

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat better and cook healthier meals, you’re not alone. Instead of jumping in head first, dip your toe into the cool clear waters of better eating with our simple substitutions and easy recipes, plus see how you can get personalized, expert advice from our in-house registered dietitians.

Swap Processed Carbs for Veggies
You can still enjoy comfort food like tacos, burgers and pasta if you replace the complex carbs with your favorite vegetables. Use a lettuce wrap for any meal that has a bun, tortilla or shell for an immediate health upgrade — without losing the flavors of the foods you love. If you’re craving pasta, try replacing your regular noodles with zoodles — zucchini noodles — or spaghetti squash and feel just as satisfied — without the extra carbs!

Little Changes to Your Favorite Dishes
If you’re nervous about taking the plunge into completely healthy eating, small changes over time can make a big difference. Start with getting sweet potato fries as a french fry substitute, changing the iceberg lettuce in your salads to dark, leafy greens like kale or spinach, or just commit to enjoying a half-portion of whatever you would normally eat, so you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of the foods you love and can’t—or don’t want to—live without just yet.

Healthier Meat Options
Swapping out red meat for lean, protein-packed white meat and fish is another way to easily adjust your meals without completely changing your eating habits. Check out different ground turkey recipes for a ground beef substitute in your burgers, or experiment with different ways to enjoy prosciutto-wrapped chicken or bacon-wrapped chicken for a filling, tasty meal that can help you on your way towards even better eating.

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