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Play your way into summer with these fun backyard carnival games.

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Bring the fun to your backyard this summer with a carnival night! Now that warm weather and longer days have begun, keep your kids entertained and active at home with a backyard bash. Hosting a themed party is as simple as colorful decorations, fun games, and sweet treats! Here’s how to transform your yard into a celebration destination.

Choose fun colors, like red, white, yellow, and blue for your carnival decorations. Add streamers, balloons, costumes, and more for the full carnival effect!

  • Colorful sheets — Hang sheets from clotheslines, fences, or poles to add colorful backdrops to each game or activity booth! If you don’t have colorful sheets, hang plastic tablecloths as an alternative!
  • Signs — Use poster board, paint, and markers to create signs for each station of the carnival.
  • Lights — Brighten up your backyard with colorful string lights! This is the perfect pop of fun!
  • Costumes — Dress in your most colorful clothes and add fun touches like bright makeup, clown noses, top hats, and other crazy pieces you can put together! The sillier the better!

Backyard Games and Activities
Your carnival games don’t have to be difficult to make or elaborate. Use things around your house to assemble simple, but enjoyable games the kids — and even the adults — will love.

  • Go Fish — Fill a baby pool with cut-out paper fish with a magnet glued to one side. Make a fishing pole using a stick with a long string attached to one end and a magnet tied to the end of the string. Close your eyes, toss in the string, and try to reel in as many fish as possible!
  • Sack Race — Hold an old-fashioned potato sack race using pillowcases.
  • Ring Toss — Set up ten 2-liter soda bottles in an upside-down pyramid shape on the ground. Use shower curtain rings to throw onto the tops of the bottles. Make each bottle worth a different amount of tickets.
  • Balloon Pop — Set up a sturdy board in your backyard. Blow up as many balloons as you’d like with tickets in them. Attach them with a staple gun or strong tape. Carefully throw darts at the balloons and gather the tickets inside!
  • Photo Booth — Capture this fun night with pictures! Gather up silly costumes and props for the ultimate photo booth experience!

Download upbeat carnival music to create a fun and circus-like atmosphere. Mix it in to your party playlist for added enjoyment to your backyard celebration.

The possibilities for prizes are endless! They could be store-bought toys and other fun items, homemade treats or things like a day off from doing chores to picking the movie for the next movie night.

A refreshment stand with goodies is a carnival must! Fill it with your favorite sweet treats and cold drinks like popcorn, cotton candy, candy apples, and lemonade! Try our recipes for delicious and easy carnival-style foods!

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