How to Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Learn how to build the ultimate Bloody Mary bar with unique and delicious garnishes.

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Bloody Mary Bar

Declare any time of day Bloody Mary time with a setup that allows everyone to safely assemble their own. A build-your-own Bloody Mary bar is an easy way to entertain your close friends and family, treating guests to libations without limits! Follow our guide to build a Bloody Mary bar packed with customizable components that allows for piling on all the creative toppings desired.

The Setup
Arrange all of your Bloody Mary essentials and set out glasses in the dedicated bar space, buffet style. To spice things up, rim the glasses with lemon or lime juice and salt or chili seasoning to give a zing of fantastic flavors with every sip.

The Mixes
As the foundation of Bloody Marys, tomato juice is the perfect blank canvas for spicy, herbaceous flavors. For a homemade base, combine tomato or vegetable juice with seeded cucumbers, garlic, and desired seasonings until well blended. Refrigerate the mix so it’s nice and chilled. To reduce the stress of making your own concoction, there are a variety of Bloody Mary mix options that make a delicious, quick and easy fix.

The Stir-Ins
Sauces are a Bloody Mary staple that can take this classic drink from boring to brilliant. Whether it’s Sriracha, horseradish, adobo or Worcestershire, soy sauce, or maple syrup, put out an assortment of stir-in options ranging in heat levels and sweetness to please different palates.

Go All In with Garnishes
With over the top, edible garnishes, Bloody Marys are practically a meal in a glass. Go beyond your average celery stalk and create a spread of finishing touches that will keep everyone talking and sipping! Get your creative bloody juices flowing and try preparing some of these unique garnishes.

Quick Pickled Veggies: Quick pickling is a simple way to add flavor and flair to green beans, cauliflower, peppers, radishes, and more! Make a brine from a mixture of water, vinegar, sugar, salt, and spice. Heat to a simmer, pour over fruits or veggies, then refrigerate. Quick pickles are ready as soon as they’re cool, but marinating for a day infuses more flavor. Load on the tangy garnishes with our Quick-Pickled Carrots or Quick-Pickled Asparagus recipes!

Spiced Candied Bacon: Bacon makes everything better – including Bloody Marys! Make bacon even better with this Spiced Candied Bacon recipe! Candied bacon creates a smoky-sweet duo of irresistible flavors. Coat thick bacon with a mixture of brown sugar, black pepper, and cayenne, bake for 20 minutes and serve at room temperature. Your guests may enjoy this tantalizing treat before it makes it to the glass!

Brined Lemon-Poached Shrimp: Seafood and brunch go hand in hand, making shrimp a tasty, satisfying Bloody Mary garnish. Shrimp adds a boost of protein and succulent flavors to this iconic libation. For a zesty brine and poached preparation, try our Brined Lemon-Poached Shrimp recipe.

Quick-Pickled Carrots

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Quick-Pickled Asparagus

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Spiced Candied Bacon

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Brined Lemon-Poached Shrimp

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Executing an extraordinary Bloody Mary bar is all about creativity, fun, and a bar stocked with the best quality ingredients. Giant Eagle and Market District have everything you need to make your Bloody Mary bar a delicious adventure.