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There’s no taste like home. Local small businesses are the backbone of our communities. They not only serve up hand-crafted foods and beverages, inspirational stories, and smaller carbon footprints; but also support us all by providing jobs and adding vibrancy to the places we call home.

Giant Eagle started as a small, family business. In every aisle of our stores, there’s a reminder that we are where we are because of the hard work of our entrepreneurial neighbors in cities like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Erie and countless small towns across our states.

Supporting small business is something we’re proud to do. The artisans behind these companies feed our foodie cravings with specialties you don’t have to go far to find. Their passion is the key ingredient in local food we’re happy to share alongside the stories of the Neighborhood Goods we carry.

There's No Taste Like Home

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These locally grown products are available at all Giant Eagle locations.

Treat Yourself

The perfect sweets and snacks for gifts, entertaining and more!

Go Green

This local Christmas tree farm is affordable, sustainable and Santa-approved.

Mustards & More

Check out the local businesses who make your favorite food finishers.

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