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The proof is in the produce. Great Lakes Growers grows lettuce and herbs with no chemical herbicides or pesticides.

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Great Lakes Growers

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Here at Giant Eagle, we remain committed to buying and selling locally grown, sustainably farmed produce, meat and seafood. The best way to ensure our vendors are just as committed to sustainability as we are is to go right to the source. This time we visited Great Lakes Growers in Burton, Ohio. Founded in 2011 by John Bonner and Tim Ryan, Great Lakes Growers uses a state-of-the-art hydroponic growing facility and have spent the last eight years perfecting their vision of healthier, cleaner living through fresh, local produce.

No Dirt, No Problem

If you thought plants need soil to thrive, you thought wrong! Great Lakes Growers uses hydroponics to grow their lettuce and herbs, which means absolutely no dirt is needed. Instead, they use a special porous growing media into which they deliver all the nutrients a plant needs through water. This ensures all their produce is as clean as humanly possible. Additionally, Hydroponic farming makes plants grow 25% faster than soil farming. So their greenhouse can create more clean-grown produce, in less time.

No Chemical Herbicides or Pesticides

Since Great Lakes Growers uses a state-of-the-art dirt-less greenhouse, they don’t need to use harsh chemicals to control the spread of weeds or bugs. No chemicals means healthier, fresher, more delicious lettuce and herbs you and your family can enjoy without the risk of ingesting herbicides or pesticides.

Free from Contamination

With stories about contamination of romaine and other lettuce that have been in the news, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant when it comes to food safety. Great Lakes Growers uses a hydroponic, closed and contained greenhouse that almost completely eliminates contamination risks from organic fertilizer, water runoff and accidental human contamination.

Let There Be LED Lights

Red and blue wavelengths of light encourage photosynthesis, more controlled growth and leaf expansion in plants. Great Lakes Growers uses these lights in their greenhouse for healthier, faster growing produce. The two lights together create a pink or purple-ish hue, making their greenhouse look less like a farm and more like a nightclub when the lights are in full effect.

From Hydroponic Farm to Table

Based in Burton, Ohio, Great Lakes Growers grow and ship straight from their greenhouse to us. Less time on a truck means less time to spoil or get contaminated in transit, and more time to enjoy in delicious meals and salads.

Check out this video to learn more about Great Lakes Growers.

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