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April 18th, 2018

Getgo Launches Technology-driven Features In Central Ohio, bringing Fresh Food To Customers When And How They Want It

55% of Millennials say convenience is a top driver when buying food; GetGo responds with mobile ordering and unique Uber Eats partnership

COLUMBUS, Ohio —The wait is over - literally. With the Central Ohio launch of two technology-driven offerings, GetGo is eliminating the need for any waiting in its stores by letting customers place their food and drink orders from wherever – and whenever - they prefer. With the near-simultaneous launches of GetGo’s mobile ordering service and its unique food delivery partnership with Uber Eats, GetGo is cutting into the roughly 37 billion hours each year consumers spend waiting in line.

In a traditional convenience store setting, the time spent waiting in line to pay for an order can often be overshadowed by the time customers spend waiting for their food to be prepared. The uniqueness of GetGo mobile ordering is that is solves both customer pain points. GetGo customers can access the mobile ordering feature via the Giant Eagle mobile app, where they can choose from the entire GetGo café menu, ranging from made fresh to order subs, burgers and salads to an array of hot and cold drinks. Once the desired food and drink items are added to the customer’s cart, payment can be made and a desired location and pickup time can be set. The order is then queued to be prepared fresh-to-order and placed in a convenient pickup area at the customer’s selected pickup time. GetGo mobile ordering is available for pickup at the Grandview Yard and Dublin GetGo locations.

Uber Eats is a food delivery app from Uber that makes getting great food from your favorite local eating destinations as easy as requesting a ride. With the new pilot GetGo partnership, GetGo customers near the 24-hour Grandview Yard GetGo can have orders delivered any time, day or night. As with GetGo mobile ordering, customers can choose from the entire GetGo café menu.

A 2016 Business Insider report predicted that mobile ordering will account for 10.7% of total QSR industry sales by 2020, a trend surely driven by Millennials’ call for convenience. As businesses like GetGo continue to position themselves within the QSR and Fast Casual spaces with high quality food options, having an expansive, yet easy to use mobile ordering feature becomes increasingly important.

“We strongly believe that mobile ordering and delivery will be a key way we engage with customers who are hyper-focused on convenience, but the experience must be seamless,” said GetGo spokesperson Dan Donovan. “After reviewing mobile ordering trends, we knew that both mobile payment and a true no-wait in-store experience were critical for our mobile ordering offering to gain customer acceptance, which is why we incorporated these features when others in our industry did not.”

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