Celebrate Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

Authentic recipes and fun ways to honor Hispanic & Latinx history and heritage.

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Why Celebrate National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month?

Americans of Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, Central American and South American descent have made countless contributions to our history and continue to enrich our lives every day.

Each year, National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 through October 15 to encompass Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico’s independence days.

As a nation, we’ve formally celebrated Hispanic and Latinx heritage since 1968 when President Lyndon Johnson made Hispanic Heritage Week an official event. It was expanded to a month-long festivity in 1988 by President Reagan.

We choose to celebrate National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month by recognizing the rich history, cultures and traditions of our Hispanic American friends and neighbors. Join us in celebrating by learning more about the ways you can honor Hispanic/Latinx heritage.

Ways to Celebrate

Hispanic culture comprises diverse traditions — there’s no shortage of things to learn and ways to celebrate. Here are a few educational and exciting Latin cultural traditions you can try this month.

Get out the globe and pinpoint Hispanic country locations. Take a moment to highlight some aspects for each like what foods are grown there, major cities and tourist destinations.

Make migajon, a fun craft from Ecuador. Migajon include just two ingredients: breadcrumbs and regular glue. Remove the crust from a slice of bread. Tear the bread into pieces and add 1 tablespoon of glue. Mix it by hand until it forms a clay-like dough. After shaping them into whatever you imagine, bake them at 200°F for 90 minutes before decorating them with paint or markers.

Listen to some mariachi music or music by Hispanic artists like Jennifer Lopez, Richie Valens, Linda Ronstadt, Enrique Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Selena and Shakira.*

*The views expressed in these songs belong to the artists and do not necessarily reflect the views of Giant Eagle.

Learn Spanish basics like how to say: por favor, gracias, how to count to 10 or common foods like pollo.

Read a biography on someone Hispanic. Learning about countless Hispanic history makers and figures will give you an idea of how they’ve changed the course of history.

  • Learn about Venezuelan and Puerto Rican-American and LGBTQ rights pioneer Sylvia Rivera.
  • Read about Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic American woman in space.
  • Edmonia Lewis - (1844 - 1907)
  • Look into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)'s work, the youngest woman elected to Congress.
  • Roberto Clemente and Frida Kahlo are also two popular options to read about.

Celebrate by making a Hispanic or Latinx dish. Here are some of our favorites...

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