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Look Good Feel Good

Dove® Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant + New Dove® Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

With summer quickly approaching our underarms will be on display for the world in short sleeves and tank tops. Instead of dreading the warm weather and how our armpits appear, embrace it with these Tips & Tricks for your best ever armpits using Dove Clinical Protection & Dove Advanced Care deodorants.

Dove® Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Dove® Clinical Protection Deodorant gives you the strength you need, infused with the beauty and care you expect from Dove®. Features a range of uplifting scents while providing you with the clinically proven prescription-strength against wetness. The ultimate combination of strength and beauty.

Check out some Don’t Sweat It Tips with Dove Beauty + Strength:
Hot Days:

Balance a pretty sundress with powerful underarm protection. Cotton fabrics allow your skin to breathe while a stronger deodorant, keeps your underarms dry and cared for.

First Dates:

Get your confidence up by wearing something that you feel great in, and by thinking about a few conversation topics beforehand to avoid dull moments. Plus, don’t forget to swipe on a no-fail deodorant like Dove® Clinical Protection Deodorant.


Think light and layered. Apply a long-lasting deodorant like Dove® Clinical Protection Deodorant for 48-hr odor and wetness protection, and slip on something fitted and cool for a lengthy trip. Bring a sweater, jacket, or pashmina in case you get chilly.

Stay three times as dry

New Dove® Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant

New Dove® Advanced Care Deodorant is the only deodorant formulated with NutriumMoisture™, offering the brand’s best care ever, while also providing 48-hour odor and wetness protection. NutriumMoisture™ is a proprietary Dove® formula comprised of ingredients known to moisturize the skin. Using this new line of deodorants provides women with softer, smoother armpit skin in just three days. From bathing suits to evening gowns, women can now reveal their armpits with confidence!

Get the Facts:

Without even realizing it, women are damaging their underarms when shaving. In fact, only 64% of what is removed when shaving is hair, 36% is actually skin, and as a result of shaving, skin loses 50% more moisture, which can lead to dryness and sensitivity. It’s time to see your armpits in a new light and give them the care they need.

Experience the Dove® PitiCure™:

The Dove® PitiCure™ will help care for armpits in three simple steps. First, exfoliate the area with a gentle exfoliating wipe to draw out impurities in the skin. Second, use warm water to rinse the area clean and pat dry with a soft towel. Finish by applying New Dove® Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture™.